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Filmmaking with GoPro cameras @ BFI Future Film Festival 2023

Hosted by cinematographer Daniel Morgan, DoP Fedor Lyass (Hardcore Henry) explains how to shoot action on a budget - using only GoPro cameras.

Filmmaking doesn’t need to be expensive. This session will teach you how to shoot action and harness the incredible power of GoPro cameras, tell engaging stories, and create dynamic high-quality cinematic images, accessible to everyone and all on a budget.

Acclaimed director of photography Fedor Lyass is best known for his groundbreaking work on the independent action adventure film Hardcore Henry, starring Sharlto Copley and Tim Roth. The film was shot entirely from the first-person perspective on GoPro cameras and went on to gross $17M worldwide. Fedor’s work on Hardcore Henry broke new boundaries and demonstrated how versatile the technology has become, while offering amazing video quality that holds its own alongside professional film cameras.

An Introduction into Action Filmmaking @ BFI Future Film Festival 2022

Action films engage and entertain fans worldwide, providing excitement, thrills and suspense to audiences, no matter where they are or what language they speak. Hosted by Action Xtreme, this online panel discussion featured key UK action directors and stunt coordinators and covered the current UK action scene, including the creative opportunities the genre offers for filmmakers and why action films work so well internationally. It also provided an invaluable insight into specific experiences of our panelists working across both independent and major studio action productions, their journey and entry into the industry, along with tips and insights on what makes for a truly great action sequence.

Host: Mike Fury - Author of Life of Action I & II: Interviews with the Men and Women of Action Cinema

Panelists: Joey Ansah - Actor & Filmmaker (The Bourne Ultimatum, Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist)

Jean-Paul Ly - Actor & Filmmaker (Hobbs & Shaw, Jailbreak)

Katrina Durden - Actor & Stunt Performer (Doctor Strange, Shadow and Bone)

Nathan Barris - Fight Coordinator & Stunt Performer (The Dark Tower, Into the Badlands)

How to Incorporate Action Sequences into Short Films

In partnership with Action Xtreme, the BFI Film Academy August Lab explores how to plan for, and effectively incorporate, dynamic action sequences into short films. We spoke to Hollywood stunt veteran turned film director Sam Hargrave, who's directorial debut, Extraction, starring Chris Hemsworth, proved to be a Netflix hit!

Hot Spot: Jason Kingsley @ BFI Future Film Festival 2023

An interview with Jason Kingsley, the CEO of Rebellion, one of the largest independent game developers. Jason is the co-founder, Creative Director and CEO of Rebellion, one of the largest truly independent games developers.

Rebellion also publishes comics and books across the globe and owns a 250,000 sq ft movie studio in Oxfordshire. Jason also presents a successful YouTube channel Modern History TV, about all things medieval, with over 750,000 subscribers. In this Hot Spot Jason will tell us all about his career so far and what he plans to do next. Rebellion is one of the world’s most successful independent studios. Its flagship Sniper Elite series is renowned for its authentic stealth and sniping gameplay with more than 20 million players worldwide. With the acquisition of a $100M film studio and the world’s largest archive of English language comics, Rebellion continues to grow from strength to strength.

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